PV Tech management Team includes extensive experience in solar and  renewable energy sector. The executives represent a blend of talents from, semiconductors, photovoltaic – technology/ manufacturing, project and enterprise financing worlds. and fix paragraph format to fit properly. Fred’s Bio – edit BS electronics TO BS in electronics

Fred Anguka – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of DeVry University, Pomona CA, Mr.Anguka holds a BS electronics engineering technology degree. Ascending from the Semiconductor Industry, Mr. Anguka has over eighteen years of experience in application, systems configuration and design of thermal reactors. Mr. Anguka began his engineering career in 1982 with Arga Controls as a Test Engineer; shortly thereafter Mr. Anguka joined ASML Thermal Division in California where he and a team of  other engineers were responsible for redesigning the SVG-ASML thermal reactor, which gave the company significant market share. Thereafter, Mr Anguka was involved with a number of semiconductor fabrication projects in the US, Europe and Asia. In 2003, Mr. Anguka founded Semicon Technologies with a focus of but not limited to consulting, application, service and second source parts supply to the semiconductor industry. He established offices in Malaysia (2004) and Singapore in (2005). Mr. Anguka is a co-founder of PV Tech Inc.

James Otieno –  Lead Director

Mr. Otieno received his BS in economics & psychology and MA in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Otieno has over 30 years of experience in executive compensation, sales compensation, benefits and human resources.  He has many years of experience advising, consulting and working directly with boards and executive management in matters regarding governance, total rewards, talent recruitment and retention. Mr. Otieno also has over 25 years of experience negotiating, consulting, and conducting due diligence and implementing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures in the human resources space. Mr. Otieno is a retired Vice President of Executive Compensation and Services at Hewlett-Packard (24 years) and is currently an independent business consultant. Mr. Otieno is the chair of the Board of Trustees at Palo Alto University.  Mr. Otieno is also the chair of the Board of Child Advocates of Silicon Valley and also serves on the Board of the Children’s Health Council. Mr. Otieno is a co-founder of PV Tech, Inc.

Keita Broadwater – CFO – Board member

Dr. Broadwater received a BS in physics from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, an MBA from Cornell University and an MS and PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Broadwater began his career as a product engineer at the Naval Research Laboratories in 2001.  Dr. Broadwater transitioned to the corporate sector in 2003, where he worked on a variety of projects as an alliance manager, business strategy manager, business sales development manager, and channel sales operations manager.  These projects spanned three companies – Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Lenovo. Dr. Broadwater is a co-founder of PV Tech, Inc.

Washington Oyoo – Board Member

Mr. Oyoo studied computer science at State University of New York.  Mr. Oyoo has over twenty years of experience in program (project) management in Engineering (R&D & Manufacturing), Operations, IT, Product Development with Hewlett Packard Company. Mr. Oyoo began his career in the Kenya civil service before immigrating to the US in 1979. Mr. Oyoo also founded AFCOMP Systems, a computer integration and service business in Arlington, Texas from 1985 to 1990.  Mr. Oyoo is involved civically with his community in Corvallis, Oregon.

Ambrose Anguka – SVP and MD PV Tech (EPZ) East Africa

With 21years of experience in main stream Chemical and Environmental Health Business in Eastern Africa Region and extensive experience in Business Management in the Chemical Industry in Sub- Sahara Africa; this enables him to make educated comparison and decision relating to business management in the Region.

Was retained as Marketing Manager Vector Control Eastern Africa after the merger of ( Hoeschst, Schering, AgrEvo and Rhone~Poulenc) to form Aventis Crop science; there after become Country Manager Eastern Africa Region. Was retained as Business Manager Bayer Environmental Science Division Eastern Africa Region after acquisition of Aventis Crop Science Bayer AG; later become Country Manager Eastern Africa Region. In 2002 Aventis Crop Science Bayer AG was acquired; Ambrose was retained as Business

Manager Bayer Environmental Science Division Eastern Africa Region (2002 – to date). In his present position, Ambrose oversees pricing of Vector Control products in view of establishing and maintaining profitability and gross margins while ensuring optimal product turnover; he is responsible for planning, execution and reviewing of market activities including market surveys and research as well as monitoring competitor activity.

Mr. Anguka has a proven track record in increasing revenues; he plans and executes various promotional activities including product launch, demonstrations, seminars, training, and formulation of general marketing concepts to fit the marketing mix. Mr. Anguka also contributes to business / stock forecasting and implementation; he also oversees realization of Yearly Budget.

Mr. Anguka liaisons with governments, donor / funding agencies at regional level as a strategy to secure donor, multilateral and bilateral agencies funded projects. He also leads, motivate and co- ordinate business activities of local Agents and Distributors achieving sales of, IMI II and working capital objectives in the region.


Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Eretria and Djibuti

Fred Rugg – President US Operations

Fred Rugg – With over 30 years in the construction industry; Fred Rugg has the knowledge and experience to tackle and size projects. Fred has a California State Contractors License in General Construction (B), Electrical (C-10), and Solar (C-46). Fred has dedicated the past 14 years specializing in solar PV, owning and operating a top solar EPC in Southern California with over 400 installations comprising of residential and commercial.

David Onyalo – Board Member

Mr. Onyalo received his BA in labour and industrial relations from the University of Toronto, Canada and studied international relations for two years at the University of Windsor, Canada. Mr. Onyalo is an alumni of the global leadership network, the Duke of Edinborough Study Tour (class of 1992). He is a recognized expert with over 20 year of experience on national & international policy, negotiation, mediation, and has a vast global network of government, business, labour, employers, and international agencies representatives. He has experience engaging international organizations such as the United Nations and the International Labour Organization (ILO). Mr. Onyalo has overseen the implementation of country based multi-million dollar projects in Southern, East Africa and West Africa funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Mr. Onyalo has held senior management and executive board positions in a number of Canadian organizations including the Canadian Labour Congress, the Canadian Union of Public employees and Partnership Africa Canada. Mr. Onyalo is a co-founder of PV Tech, Inc.

Kulinda Davis – Board member

Dr. Davis received a BS in food science & technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (Kenya), an MS and PhD in applied microbiology & biotechnology from the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and a PMP from Villanova University. Dr. Davis began her career as a technology analyst/researcher with the Manildra Group in Australia, in 2001. She then transitioned as a senior consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers in Australia in 2005. Dr. Davis moved to the US in 2007 and worked as a director of emerging technologies at Pacific Ethanol Inc., later joined Verenium Inc., as senior director of product development where she offered  her expertise in renewable energy fuel. Dr. Davis is also a Board member at Outdoor Outreach in San Diego and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board of BSEL (Bioproducts, Sciences, Engineering Laboratory) in the state of Washington.

Robbie Rugg – Senior Project Manager

Robbie Rugg – University of La Verne – B.S in Business Administration and MBA in Finance and Management. Specializing in strategy and efficiency. Spent the last 12 years working in Solar Industry, working his way from installer to sales and, eventually to senior management at a top solar EPC in Southern California.

As CFO & General Manager at RCC Solar, took company from near bankruptcy to buyout in 11 months; ensured profitability in all operations with revenues totaling over $50 Million per fiscal year. Managed projects ensuring completion on time and within budget. Set corporate priorities, determined fund allocation, and projected future earnings, restructured debt and negotiated contracts with venders.

As Sales & Marketing Director, developed programs responsible for sales increase to 25%; personally closed over 60% of prospects over a three-year period. Performed contract(s) negotiations with home and business owners. At capacity of Senior Project Manager/Designer, designed and scheduled full scope of work across projects; coordinated with local city officials to obtain permits and inspections; created all construction blueprints and engineering documents.

William Anguka – Marketing Director

Online Marketing Director and Consultant (January 2010 to Present) Specializing in providing online marketing and consulting services to public and private companies through comprehensive marketing campaigns, opt in email alerts, newsletter coverage, multiple website profiling, social media tools, financing solutions/raising capital, increase liquidity and trading volume, audio/video charts and annotations, technical analysis, organic growth creation, consulting/coaching, stock Internet portal/chat room interaction, research reports, company website design, strategic media planning, and investor relations services.

Sherrill Rugg – Office Manager

Sherrill Rugg – has over 20 years of office and clerical experience. She has dedicated the past 12 years running the office of a top performing EPC in Southern California. She has experience in data and asset management, logistics, public relations, and vender (extensive knowledge of BOS suppliers) management. Her experience is a valuable asset to sales, design engineers and installers; she coordinates (compiles) engineering paper work essential for projects permitting.