PV Tech has assembled a world-class management team with deep expertise in the solar and renewable energy industries. These executives represent a blend of top talents from the photovoltaic technology, manufacturing, and project and enterprise financing worlds.

Ambrose Anguka – Management

With 21years of experience in main stream Chemical and Environmental Health Business in Eastern Africa Region and extensive experience in Business Management in the Chemical Industry in Sub- Sahara Africa; this enables him to make educated comparison and decision relating to business management in the Region.

Was retained as Marketing Manager Vector Control Eastern Africa after the merger of ( Hoeschst,Schering, AgrEvo and Rhone~Poulenc) to form Aventis Crop science; there after become Country Manager Eastern Africa Region. Was retained as Business Manager Bayer Environmental Science Division Eastern Africa Region after acquisition of Aventis Crop Science Bayer AG; later become Country Manager Eastern Africa Region. In 2002 Aventis Crop Science Bayer AG was acquired; Ambrose was retained as Business Manager Bayer Environmental Science Division Eastern Africa Region (2002 – to date).

In his present position, Ambrose oversees pricing of Vector Control products in view of establishing and maintaining profitability and gross margins while ensuring optimal product turnover; he is responsible for planning, execution and reviewing of market activities including market surveys and research as well as monitoring competitor activity.

Mr. Anguka has a proven track record in increasing revenues; he plans and executes various promotional activities including product launch, demonstrations, seminars, training, and formulation of general marketing concepts to fit the marketing mix. Mr. Anguka also contributes to business / stock forecasting and implementation; he also oversees realization of Yearly Budget.

Mr. Anguka liaisons with governments, donor / funding agencies at regional level as a strategy to secure donor, multilateral and bilateral agencies funded projects. He also leads, motivate and co- ordinate business activities of local Agents and Distributors achieving sales of, IMI II and working capital objectives in the region.


Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Eretria and Djibuti

Fred Anguka – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, PV Tech Inc.

A graduate of DeVry University, Pomona CA, Mr.Anguka holds a BS electronics engineering technology degree. Hailing from the Semiconductor Industry, Mr. Anguka has over eighteen years of experience in application, systems configuration and design of thermal reactors. Mr. Anguka began his engineering career in 1982 with Arga Controls as a Test Engineer; shortly thereafter Mr. Anguka joined ASML Thermal Division in California where he and a team of selected engineers were responsible for redesigning the SVG-ASML thermal reactor which gave the company significant market share. Thereafter, Mr Anguka was involved with a number of semiconductor fabrication projects in the US, Europe and Asia. In 2003, Mr. Anguka founded Semicon Technologies with a focus of but not limited to consulting, application, service and second source parts supply to the semiconductor industry. He established offices in Malaysia (2004) and Singapore (2005). Mr. Anguka is a co-founder of PV Tech Inc.

Keita Broadwater – Board member

Dr. Broadwater received a BS in physics from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, an MBA from Cornell University and an MS and PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Broadwater began his career as a product engineer at the Naval Research Laboratories in 2001. Dr. Broadwater transitioned to the corporate sector in 2003, where he worked on a variety of projects as an alliance manager, business strategy manager, business sales development manager, and channel sales operations manager. These projects spanned three companies – Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Lenovo. Dr. Broadwater is a co-founder of PV Tech, Inc.

Kulinda Davis – Board member

Dr. Davis received a BS in food science & technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (Kenya), an MS and PhD in applied microbiology & biotechnology from the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and a PMP from Villanova University. Dr. Davis began her career as a technology analyst/researcher with the Manildra Group in Australia, in 2001. She then transitioned as a senior consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Australia in 2005. Dr. Davis moved to the US in 2007 and worked as a director of emerging technologies at Pacific Ethanol Inc., and is currently the senior director of product development at Verenium Inc., where she offers her expertise in renewable energy fuel. Dr. Davis is also a Board member at Outdoor Outreach in San Diego and Chair of Scientific Advisory Board of BSEL (Bioproducts, Sciences, Engineering Laboratory) in the state of Washington.