Our Aspiration
Our aspiration is to be socially and environmentally responsible while accelerating growth as we solve tomorrow’s problems today through inexpensive reliable energy.

Our Commitment
Every decision we make as an environmentally friendly company includes but is not limited to our commitment of making renewable (solar) energy an enduring and cost-effective technology for all humankind.

Our Strategy
We are dedicated to serving our customers and the environment by utilizing cutting-edge technologies in producing high-quality products with competitive cost structures while maintaining both global presence and local expertise.

Combustion System
Push to reduce green house emissions by nations and organizations is ascending as they encourage power producers to use responsible renewable energy production technologies. As Independent Power Producer (IPP), PV Tech is committed to stringent, careful technology selection for all power plants they will be building; our mission is to make sure that all of our power plants adhere to green house gas reduction policies (Cap and Trade, Carbon Tax or Regulatory Approach) per “Centre on Budget and Policy Priorities.” All combustion technologies PV Tech will consider for all power plant projects we will be undertaking must meet cogeneration configuration as this is critical for exhaust abatement.